Your Cybersecurity Infographic

Breaking the bank

Financial sector cybersecurity threats

Discover the intriguing world of legal bank heists with special guest and cybersecurity expert Jayson E Street. Lieuwe Jan Koning and Luca Cipriano delve into how Jayson exploits human nature to breach bank security, bypassing technology with ease.

Understand the critical importance of employee training in safeguarding against cyber threats. Join us to explore ethical hacking, data theft, and the fascinating dynamics of modern cybersecurity.

In this Threat Talk, we’re delving into three major vulnerabilities: 

  • the SWIFT Gateway vulnerability
  • the Android banking malware known as Vultur
  • the Binance crypto hack

Healthcare: Responsibilities, regulations and legacies

Explore the vulnerabilities of the DICOM protocol in healthcare, revealing significant risks such as data breaches and manipulation.

Join host Lieuwe Jan Koning and guests Jan van Boesschoten and Sina Yazdanmehr as they discuss practical solutions for protecting sensitive patient information and enhancing cybersecurity measures.

In this Threat Talk, the following key threats are discussed:

  • DICOM: The hidden risks of Legacy Protocols
  • Ireland’s HSE Ransomware Attack
  • ScreenConnect: Authentication Bypass (CVE-2024-1709)

Special: Unraveling CVE-2024-3400

In this special episode of Threat Talks, the focus is on the critical vulnerabilities found in Palo Alto Networks’ GlobalProtect servers, particularly CVE-2024-3400 with a CVSS score of 10. The discussion covers the nature of this severe vulnerability, how it was discovered, and the risks it poses to organizations using GlobalProtect.

You will learn about the methods attackers might use to exploit this vulnerability and practical steps to protect against such threats. The episode provides straightforward advice and recommendations to help organizations improve their security measures and safeguard their networks from similar vulnerabilities.

Supply chain: Business as usual?

As we increasingly depend on third-party and open-source software, the threat of supply chain attacks escalates. These attacks occur when hackers find and exploit less direct routes into systems, akin to burglars gaining entry with a hidden spare key.

Lieuwe Jan, Luca, and Matthijs delve into several significant hacks:

  • SolarWinds: Highlighting the risks associated with third-party software.
  • Log4j: Underlining the perils of software dependencies.
  • MOVEit: Pointing out the risks involved when entrusting data to third-party software.

The Authentication Apocalypse

Word of data breaches and stolen credentials reaches the news almost every other day. If your credentials get stolen, criminals could have access to your bank accounts, health care records, company secrets and more. Needless to say, authentication is key!

At its core, authentication verifies the identity of users seeking access to various digital services and platforms.

In this episode, Lieuwe Jan, Luca and Harald discuss the following hacks:

  • Outlook vulnerability
  • Google Oauth bypass
  • Ivanti EPM
Remote work Infographic

Does Remote Work?

Allowing remote access, whether it is for remote workers or partners, is required for almost all enterprises. But enabling remote access doesn’t just bring flexibility, it comes with a number of security concerns.

Cybercriminals have honed in on the vulnerabilities of widely used remote work technologies. What are those technologies and what are those vulnerabilities? For example: the FBI and NSA talk about rebooting your home router at least every week. Should we do this?

The following threats will be discussed by Lieuwe Jan, Luca and Rob:

  • Citrix Netscaler
  • TunnelCrack
  • FortiOS SSLVPN buffer overflow

Can’t deny DDoS in 2024?

Distributed-denial-of-service attacks, more commonly referred to as DDOS attacks, are malicious attempts to disrupt traffic of a specific server, service or network by overwhelming said target or its surroundings with an abundance of internet traffic.

Think of it as an unexpected traffic jam clogging up the highway, preventing regular traffic from arriving at its destination. Want to know how often these attacks really take place? Download the infographics on DDoS attacks in general.

Lieuwe Jan, Peter and Luca are talking about these threats:

  • the Mirai botnet
  • the HTTP/2 rapid reset
  • the Reflection and Amplification DDoS attacks.