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Healthcare: Responsibilities, regulations and legacies

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Lieuwe Jan Koning

Co-Founder and CTO, ON2IT

Rob Maas Field CTO

Rob Maas

Field CTO, ON2IT

Rob Maas Field CTO

Sina Yazdanmehr

Founder and Managing Director, Aplite GmbH

Remote work Infographic

Healthcare: Responsibilities, regulations and legacies

The episode discusses the discovery of 43 million medical records through an internet-accessible protocol, highlighting the risks to sensitive patient data. It emphasizes the need for strong cybersecurity measures to protect this information.

Learn more about challenges with outdated protocols (like DICOM) and the difficulties smaller healthcare providers face in managing cybersecurity. It underscores the importance of dedicated cybersecurity roles and regulations to improve security in healthcare.

Special guest this episode is Sina Yazdanmehr, who discusses with Lieuwe Jan and Rob the following hacks:

  • Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE)
  • ScreenConnect

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Episode details:

In this episode of Threat Talks, our experts discuss ongoing threats to the healthcare sector, focusing on older systems like DICOM and the recent ransomware attack on Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE). They explain how outdated technology makes the sector vulnerable to advanced cyberattacks.

Explore the crucial question: How can healthcare organizations protect themselves? You will learn about essential security steps such as updating systems, setting strong access controls, and continuously monitoring data to prevent unauthorized access. This episode simplifies the complex cybersecurity challenges faced by the healthcare industry, emphasizing the need for advanced protection. 

As we navigate through these critical insights, one urgent question remains: What are the specific steps that healthcare providers can take right now to mitigate these heightened cyber risks effectively? For a detailed answer to this crucial question, listen to this episode of Threat Talks. 

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