Threat Talks on Tour – Live from the RSA | Part 1

Zero Trust with John Kindervag


In this special episode of Threat Talks, host Lieuwe Jan Koning interviews John Kindervag, the creator of Zero Trust, at the RSA conference in San Francisco. They delve into the concept of Zero Trust, discussing its origins, principles, and the challenges of its adoption.

John shares his experiences from his time at Forrester, where he developed the Zero Trust model, and highlights the evolution of cybersecurity strategies. They also touch on the impact of significant data breaches, the role of government guidance in promoting Zero Trust, and the importance of high-level organizational commitment to implementing effective cybersecurity measures.

The episode concludes with a promise to explore practical challenges and solutions related to Zero Trust in future discussions.

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Zero Trust with John Kindervag – Threat Talks on tour: Live from the RSA

Your cybersecurity experts

Lieuwe Jan Koning

Co-Founder and CTO, ON2IT

Rob Maas Field CTO

John Kindervag

Creator of Zero Trust

Episode details:

Download the NSTAC report discussed in the episode here.

RSA 2024 brought together thousands of cybersecurity professionals for four days filled with innovation and expert insights. Amidst the excitement, we had the opportunity to sit down with John Kindervag, the founder of Zero Trust, former SVP of ON2IT, and a close friend of the company.

In this special episode of Threat Talks on Tour, Lieuwe Jan Koning (CTO of ON2IT) and John dive into the evolution of Zero Trust and reflect on the valuable lessons learned over the years

Questions Answered in this Threat Talk:

  • What is Zero Trust, and is it just a marketing buzzword?
  • How did John Kindervag come up with the idea of Zero Trust?
  • Why was the traditional trust model in firewalls considered flawed?
  • How does Zero Trust address the issue of trust in digital systems?
  • What are the key principles and steps in implementing a Zero Trust model?
  • How did significant data breaches influence the adoption of Zero Trust?

If you’re curious to learn the answers to these questions, don’t miss this special Threat Talks on Tour episode, live from the RSAC.

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