Threat Talks on Tour – Live from the RSA | Part 2

Zero Trust with John Kindervag


Lieuwe Jan Koning, speaking from the RSA Conference in San Francisco, welcomes John Kindervag to delve into the concept of Zero Trust in cybersecurity. This episode is a sequel to their previous discussion on Zero Trust. John explains that Zero Trust is a strategic approach, not a product, focusing on protecting specific assets (protect surfaces) from the inside out.

How can Zero Trust be easily implemented despite common misconceptions? And how can organizations overcome resistance to Zero Trust, why is that essential for robust cybersecurity?

By prioritizing proactive measures and leveraging advancements in AI, organizations can significantly enhance their security and reduce risks.

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Zero Trust with John Kindervag – Threat Talks on tour: Part 2

Your cybersecurity experts

Lieuwe Jan Koning

Co-Founder and CTO, ON2IT

Rob Maas Field CTO

John Kindervag

Creator of Zero Trust

Episode details:

In this episode of Threat Talks – live from the RSA Conference in San Francisco – hosted by Lieuwe Jan Koning, the focus is on the concept of Zero Trust in cybersecurity. The discussion highlights the growing popularity and widespread adoption of Zero Trust as a strategic approach in the industry. 

John explains that the core of Zero Trust lies in establishing and enforcing clear policies to prevent threats from accessing critical systems. This requires a shift from a reactive to a proactive security posture, focusing on prevention and protection.

Did you know that the role of artificial intelligence in operationalizing Zero Trust is a key topic of discussion? AI can help simplify policy creation and enforcement, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of Zero Trust. 

Kindervag urges companies to see Zero Trust as the bedrock of their business operations, rather than merely an expense. Are you ready to transform your approach to cybersecurity with Zero Trust?

Download the NSTAC report discussed in the episode here.

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