Cyber Guardians: Anti-DDoS Coalition

This special episode is a discussion on the importance of defending against DDoS attacks, particularly for businesses that rely on online tools and websites.

The host, Lieuwe Jan Koning from ON2IT and special guests Remco Poortinga from SURF and Martijn Peijer from the Dutch Tax Office, discuss various aspects of DDoS attacks and the strategies to mitigate them.

They emphasize the significance of practicing defense techniques and collaborating with different organizations through initiatives like the Anti-DDoS-Coalition.

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Threat Talks on Tour – Cyber Guardians: Anti-DDoS Coalition

Your cybersecurity experts

Lieuwe Jan Koning

Co-Founder and CTO, ON2IT

Rob Maas Field CTO

Martijn Peijer

Cybersecurity Expert, SOC Dutch Tax Office 

Rob Maas Field CTO

Remco Poortinga – van Wijnen

Team Lead Security Technology at SURF

Episode details:

Remco Poortinga discusses the fear of massive, unprecedented DDoS attacks and the importance of staying vigilant. Martijn Peijer explains that launching DDoS attacks can be as easy as using booter sites, which are even accessible to teenagers for gaming disputes. They highlight the ease of accessing these tools while stressing their use should be limited to testing one’s own infrastructure.

What are the different types of DDoS attacks? The conversation covers various types, including volume-based and DNS amplification attacks. They also discuss strategies to counter these attacks, such as traffic filtering and using scrubbing centers.

Why is collaboration important in cybersecurity? They emphasize the value of collaboration and regular exercises in improving defenses, and explain how various members of the Anti-DDoS-Coalition, including major internet exchanges, contribute to mitigating these attacks.

The episode concludes by highlighting the importance of maintaining robust cybersecurity practices and the continuous need for learning and collaboration to effectively defend against cyber threats.

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