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Deep Dive – Google OAuth bypass

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Lieuwe Jan Koning

Co-Founder and CTO ON2IT

Luca Cipriano

Threat Intel Specialist ON2IT

Rob Maas Field CTO

Rob Maas


Remote work Infographic

Google OAuth Bypass 

A vulnerability in Google’s OAuth system has revealed a loophole in the multi-login API, posing a serious security risk. This hidden feature allows attackers to bypass Google service authentications, posing a threat even after password resets.

Cybersecurity experts Lieuwe Jan Koning, Luca Cipriano, and Rob Maas discuss the delicate balance between user convenience and security, emphasizing the importance of measures like EDR software, firewall rules, and regular account session reviews to defend against such vulnerabilities.

Their insights underscore the continuous effort required to protect digital identities and data from evolving cyber threats.

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Episode details:

Dive into the intricate world of cybersecurity in this episode of Threat Talks, where we uncover a critical vulnerability in Google’s OAuth authentication system. We expose an undocumented feature in the Google multi-login API that significantly undermines security. Originally intended to streamline access to services like Gmail and Maps, this flaw instead offers a backdoor for hackers to evade authentication measures, even following a password change.

The discussion doesn’t stop at identifying the problem; it extends to vital defensive tactics. Learn about the indispensability of endpoint detection and response (EDR) software, implementing stringent network firewall protocols, and the necessity of routinely monitoring Google account sessions for any signs of intrusion.

Discover how these strategies form the cornerstone of a robust cybersecurity framework, poised to fend off sophisticated cyber threats. Ready to fortify your digital defenses? Tune in for expert advice on navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape.

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